Expected in 2019: 

Ooievaar en veulen


Oak Bay Salsas Silverado: 

 Chevy Laurence a

SSF Luxors Gift to Keepsake:

March 2, 2019, it is a boy: SSF Chevy's Chili

SSF Remi Blonde at the Bar: 

End march 2019

Blonde turn face


Silver Plates Baccarra Couragio:

 Couragio web turn

CD Kryptonites Safe Haven:

End May 2019

Haven run


Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo:

Bob 56

HT Amaze Mi Sawari:

Early May 2019

Sawari for web b

Abrias Innovative Answer:

Early June 2019

Abrias Innovative Answer